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Has your phone ever asked you to delete a voicemail to make room for more? Ever wanted to save your child's message or mom and dad's voicemail for good?

You can do that with the Voicemailsaver. Simply move those precious  personal or business voicemails to the VoiceMailSaver app and never lose them. If you lose your phone or buy a new one, simply download the app at no additional cost to you, sign in using your username and password and all of the voicemails you've saved are there again!

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VoiceMailSaver App


Don’t be confused

by lower price and less quality.  There are three qualities of Water Beads.

 Beads absorb water but do not leach it out. They remain rubbery and have no benefit to plants.

 Beads absorb water and leach it out. They are not colorfast and dye the water to color it. When removed form water, they appear clear. The dyed water will stain counters, rugs, grout, tablecloths, ..etc.

 Top quality beads are colorfast throughout. They readily absorb water and leach it out to plants.  They are non-toxic and reusable. Simply rehydrate when they begin to shrink.

Water Beads also known as:
Crystal soil
Water crystals
Water gel
Water beads
Water gel beads
Magic soil
Water pearls
Decorative water beads
Crystal mud

Magic Water Beads Ship from AMERICA!

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