Walk your dog with a beautiful lit-up dog collar. Drivers will not miss you. All collars are well made and battery lasts for months when on for play or walk. Batteries are easily replaceable.

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If you don't see a price you feel comfortable with, just text us. We will try to work with you so that you are happy in the end. Text us at 305 992 5783.  We have GREAT pricing for Event Planners, Flower shops, etc.

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Need more information? Text us for faster service- 305-992-5783.  We are open 7 days a week.

Water Balls for Flowers

Water Beads Pound Bags

Wholesale Water Beads for Flowers

For your convenience, we sell Water Beads in one, half & quarter pound bags. One pound of water beads makes about 12 gallons!

We ship from Miami, Florida via USPS!

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Magic Water Beads ship from Florida!

One Time Deals Change every week! Keep coming back to see weekly specials. We try to create weekly deals you simply will not be able to refuse.

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The bracelet with mud from the DEAD SEA and water from Mt. Everest!

We call our submersible lights Magic Sparkling Dots! Our lights are brighter than the traditional submersible lights sold at other sites. We ship from Miami, Florida via USPS!

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For those that need just enough, our ten gram bags is the right choice. Choose different colors from our array of specials offered on this page.

One ten gram bag makes about 2 cups.

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Our latest product~!!! Cool off with these hand-made beautiful neckties. No two are the same. Made with lots of love from a seamstress right at home the old fashion way!  


Fundraising for your school, corporate events, Church, any event made easy using Magic Water Beads. 

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Want to become a sales person with our Fundraising program? Great Money in sales.

neck ties, neckties

magic light -up dog collars!!!

Cool Off With Neck Ties!

Customers call us all of the time asking how we created this arrangements so we decided to create a page with directions for different types of centerpieces.

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Ten Gram Bags

Fundraising For Schools

water beads, weddings, event planning

​" We are in the USA!"

We like to display our customers arrangements. Email us several of your wedding centerpieces pictures. Let us display them on our website.

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Sale Price: $1,250.00

that's $5.00/lb

or call for more info

​888 498 8730

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