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 iPhones Directions:

 1. Download the Voicemail Saver app, and click

 Create account or simply use the  Facebook

 option to register.

 2. Go to your Visual Voicemail and choose the

 voice mail message that you would  like to save

 and  press on it. From the pop up window, click

 the  square with the  arrow pointing up. The

 system will  ask you to name it and give it a date.

 If your  iPhone doesn't automatically turn-on apps,

 the  process may ask you to "turn on"  the

 voicemailsaver app . In iPhones, the apps have to be on. Follow  the prompts  and.....

 3. Your voicemail will automatically be saved. Go to your Voicemail Saver Icon,  click INBOX and play  your newly saved voicemail.

 Invite all of your friends from your social media accounts using our "Invite"  feature. They will thank  you for the invite. Everyone wants to save some voice  mail messages forever.

 If you need assistance, text us at 305 992 5783. We usually respond right away.  If you do not text,  please feel free to email

​​ Do you have a personal or business voicemail that you need to save but your  carrier’s system keeps asking you to delete voicemails to make room for others?

 If so, we have created the Voicemail Saver to work with your iPhone's or Android's Visual Voicemail  so that you can save those voicemails that you do not want deleted.

 Invite all of your friends from your social media accounts using our "Invite" feature.
 888 498 8730


   harrasing you?

      Feel Safe.

  Save those   voicemails.

  See 'ya in 


 Android Directions:

 Download the VoicemailSaver app. Go to your Visual

Voicemail and choose the voice mail message  that you

would like to save and press on it.  A window will pop up.

Choose "forward" or "share". I

​ After choosing "forward" or "share", push down and hold 

the voicemail you would like to save and  from the icon

choices, click on the Voicemail Saver icon (the orange

lifesaver) to save your voice mail.  Name and date your voicemail. That's it!

 IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The VoicemailSaver works together with the Android Visual Voicemail feature  on your smartphone. After downloading the Voicemailsaver app, if you find that your voicemail does  not support a “share” or “forward” feature, then please go to your PlayStore and download any Visual  Voicemai App that supports the "forward" or "share" feature so that you can begin to save your  voicemails forever!

Save your



Harassing you?

Little does he know you are saving his voicemails!

Welcome to the


where you can save your voicemails forever~!​​

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