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Creating this beautiful centerpieces is as easy

as 10 steps. In our photo the size of vase is 7 inch high x 5 inch wide. 

You will need the following items:

1.  500pcs transparent gel beads    Of course, if you are using more than 1 vase you will need to order more.  

2.  80pcs of Assorted mix jumbo pearls, prefer no hole pearls for a finesse look or 30pcs is okay too. the amount of pearls you put is entirely up to you.  In this photo we have 80pcs mix jumbo pearls.  Be creative by mixing 2 colors and adding other elements.

3.  Put entire pack (500pcs) into a vase or large container enough to hold 8 cups water.  500pcs makes almost 4 cups as per photo here.

4.  Add 6-8 cups water.  Process takes up to 6-12 hours for gel beads to full expand.  Using warm water can help expedite the speed of growth.

5.  Add full grown gel beads into vase.

6.  Add pearls

7.  Add water up to 3/4 full

8  Stir and mix pearls

9. Add candles

​10.  ENJOY!!

If you have a larger project - 10 vase, 20 vases, just remember to calculate the amount of gel beads you need based on the size of your vase, the larger the vase the more gel beads you will need.  500pcs makes 4 cups as shown in photo to give you a general idea.

Have fun creating something unique.  We have added additional floating pearl centerpieces as inspiration for you.  

Create your own today!

How To Make Floating Pearl Centerpieces

Directions on how to create one of these

"Floating Pearl" Effects: SEE BELOW!!

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floating pearls
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