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Humidity Magic Water Beads Keeps Your Cigar Humidor At 65% RH

If you're like us you spend a lot on your cigars and want a fast and easy fool-proof solution to maintain them.  We've all at one time or another experienced cracked wrappers, soggy or dried out cigars, uneven burn lines, and improper draw.  That can be a thing of the past by putting to use our humidity beads.  With this purchase you will receive Magic Water Beads formulated pearl shaped Humidity Beads which have been conditioned at 65% RH the new popular relative humidity level by many cigar aficionados and the slightly drier recommended level for Cuban cigars.

These are the same type of beads used by museums and art collectors to protect rare and priceless works of art!  Our humidity control beads are similar in shape and consistency to the
tiny silica


CHAT with us below or Text Questions to 305 992 5783

beads found in shoes boxes and other packaging except that our humidity beads are larger in diameter and are formulated to absorb and release moisture to regulate humidity instead of merely removing it from the air. Our Magic Water Beads are 2.0 to 2.5mm in size…the perfect size for your Cigar needs. This ensures your humidor is always properly regulated and keeps your prized and valuable cigars in pristine smoking condition eliminating wrappers from cracking, labels from peeling off, and common smoke draw problems.

Why Should I Buy Your Magic Humidity Water Beads?

  • Functionality:  Our humidity beads are 2-way.  That means they absorb and release moisture. All other "humidity beads" you see being sold on Ebay with the exception of another well-known seller who now exclusively sells from his website, are desiccant beads which means they only absorb moisture.  This is not good for your cigars as it will cause them to dry out and crack once the beads absorb all the moisture from your humidor.  You don't want that!
  • Competition:  We've purchased the so called humidity beads from all those who regularly sell here and have quality tested them.  We wanted to be able to say with certainty our beads are superior and now we know they are.
  • Industry Standard:  Our beads are manufactured by the same company who sell to museums world-wide to protect our US Constitution, the Mona Lisa, and numerous other priceless works of art and National treasures.  If it's good enough for them you have nothing to worry about!
  • Construction:  Our beads are spherical in design which is the perfect shape to allow the most surface area exposure for the tiny microscopic pores that absorb and release humidity.  You'll notice the pictures provided by other sellers are rock-salt in shape which causes them to break apart and leave salt particles in your humidor.  You don't want that!
  • Scientific research:  Our humidity beads have been scientifically tested and have been proven in a lab environment to control humidity.  We can provide you with research results and findings if you'd like.  Nobody else can offer you this.
  • Listening To The Community:  We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our business and we listen to the community and love to hear your suggestions
  •  Cigar Passion:  We love cigars and this business grew out of our passion and hobby.  We are always here to help and love to talk about anything cigar related.  We have helped numerous customers just getting into the hobby to get their humidor up and running providing tips and tricks ranging from proper seasoning to cigar selection and recommendations. Feel free to email us!

How To Use Humidity Control Beads

To "charge" your humidity beads, you can do it one of two ways.  You can use a spray bottle full of distilled water to moisten the beads until about 60% of them are opaque.  While this method does work, it can cause the beads to break or crack if overly saturated.  The best method we've found is to put the beads in a sealed Tupperware container or large plastic ziplock bag with a shot glass or other small container filled with distilled water and have them suck up the moisture from the air like a sponge.  This method does take a little longer before putting your beads to use but it helps prevent damage to your beads.  Should some of your beads crack or split apart, don't worry, they're still just as effective as the others.

How many Humidity Beads are needed? 

It depends on the size of your humidor.  For most standard sized desktop or travel humidors, one ounce should be more than enough. The good thing about humidity beads is you can't overdo it by adding too many.  The additional beads will just allow for more moisture storage and which means your humidor will regulate properly for a longer period of time before you'll need to "recharge" them by adding more distilled water.

If you decide to use the time saving spray bottle method to charge your beads, we've found that saturating about 60% to 70% of them is recommended. The goal is to have some beads unsaturated so they can absorb extra moisture that may be introduced into your humidor, when you add new cigars or open and close your humidor on a humid or rainy day.

Humidity Beads can take some time to regulate you humidor to the proper 65% level when first being introduced, and can vary slightly by your climate, but we've found they adjust fairly quick provided your humidor has been seasoned properly before initial use. If art collectors and museums use them to protect our priceless national treasures you can feel confident they'll work just as well for your cigars.

Containers & Humidity Bead Storage

There are many creative ways to utilize these beads when adding them to your humidor. The best way to use them is to have as much surface area of the humidity beads exposed to your cigars.  In smaller humidors or humidors with trays, you can get away with smaller containers as there's often less room to spare.  We also have specially designed tubes and canisters available and will be adding more products shortly. 

The most common "do it yourself" ways are:

Purchase one of our Humidity Bead Tubes for maximum exposure of beads
Use in a pair of nylon pantyhose and tie the end
Mesh bead tubes
Drill holes in plastic or aluminum cigar tubes (also good for travel humidors
Aquarium mesh filter bags
Baby food jars with drilled holes in the lid
A low profile Tupperware container  placed in a tray or bottom of your humidor
Old prescription bottles with holes drilled into them

How Many Humidity Beads Do You Need?

You can always use more Magic Humidity Beads in your humidor than the minimum amount recommended but less will make it difficult to properly regulate the RH inside your humidor.  Additional Magic Humidity Beads will allow for more moisture storage and will help your humidor recover quicker when the door or lid has been opened and will also help them adjust to seasonal changes when the humidity is higher or lower than normal.  They also will hold and release more moisture if your humidor or coolidor has an imperfect seal.

Our Water Beads are Specially formulated for Cigar Humidifiers


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